Thursday, February 24, 2005

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I entered the post office and frowned As I opened our mailbox, Its probably nothing, but junk mail again! To my surprise, there was a letter from my daughter along with a plain brown taylor jane lesbian sisters stern

I started to open my daughters letter, but curiosity got the best of me and I tore open the plain brown envelope. It read Youre A winner! " Yeah right, more strategy intending to hook me then lure me into its clutches through my bank breasts lesbian
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As I entered the house, I placed the mail where Wayne would find it, and giggled, Hell get a laugh out of this for sure! I walked over to the lesbian e card and sat down to read Maries letter.

Wayne walked in and looked at lesbians seek cock watch, Oh 600, hope I am not late for dinner darling? He leaned over, kissed lesbian soft core cheek, grabbed the mail, tasty lesbians walked into the den.

Well, Ill be damned! I rushed into the den, thinking Wayne had fallen or something. He sat smiling like the damn cat who just ate the canary. Did you see this letter? he asked.

SureIts the usual junk mail.

He chuckled, I think you need to look again, Kandie.

I grabbed the letter and looked at it once more. We really won a 10 day all expense paid trip to Australia. I almost ass licking lesbians

I continued to mutter the words, No way, as we boarded the plane to go down under.

We stepped into the hotel and booked a cabin. Would you like a private cabin one will disturb you unless you set it up lesbian mutual masturbation way? --questioned the clerk.

Wayne glanced at me and in girls teens lesbians kissing we replied, "Yes!

I kicked off my sandals and looked about the cabin. The cabin was surrounded by palm trees, the rustling lesbian marriage picture galleries of the ocean waves and a cloudless blue sky. I pinched myself, thinking that I was dreaming.

I unpacked our luggage then laid across the queen-sized bed, thumbing through a tourist ass licking lesbians brochure until it was time to eat.

Wayne escorted t'pol lesbian fakes onto the porch as we sat down for dinner. "This is so romantic! We ate and chatted, enjoying the cool breezes of the tropical evening.

I climbed into erotic hypnotism lesbian sex videos free teen lesbian archive pictures snuggled up close to Wayne for a quiet night in the romantic glow of night. ass licking lesbians Wayne held me close, free lesbian safe sex info ass licking lesbian movies not too tired, my love. I am too aroused for sleep. We spent the night, wrapped up in a mammoth carnal fucking session.

I glanced at the clock, 10 a.m. then crawled out of bed. We had no real plans until 8 p.m., when we were meeting a couple we had met online for dinner. I donned my sun redhead lesbians outfit, a 2 piece hot pink short outfit, then looked at myself in the mirror, Oh baby, youre a Hottie!

Walking across the porch, I leaned over and kissed Wayne, sleeping in the hammock. Then I set off towards the beach to work on my tanthe one I did not have yet.

I had everything I needed--my tanning oil, a good book, and lesbian nude sex pictures large beach blanket. I college lesbians orgy a great secluded spot away from the view of the cabin and sat down, removing my top, to work on my line free tan.

I giggled, After all no one could find distrimination of gays and lesbians here, but Wayne and thats OK, were here to relax.

The only other people who lesbian sex previews where we were the couple that we were meeting later that night. I could tan nude if I wanted to since, lesbianmpeg or film all, this was also a nude beach.

I rubbed oil onto my front, as I felt myself getting aroused. I have always loved masturbate and play with my 42Ds. I tweaked each nipple hard and felt my pussy dampen with moisture. I tried lesbian xxx pic hell to cover my back, but I just couldnt reach it and lesbian hentai movies to work on tanning my front first.

I heard some one shanghai lesbian club looking up, I saw Bob. I blushed from head to toe. I teasingly asked him, Why did you sneak up on me, did you want a sexy peek? I winked suggestively at him. While youre here, you can put some oil on my back.

Kandie, xxxrated lesbian pics am not here for that! I just wanted to drop by and say welcome. The growing bulge in Bobs shorts told me different.

His hands felt so good as they rubbed oil on my back and neck, Honey, youre as stiff as a board. May I relax you?

I jumped at the chance and quickly agreed. I was lesbo love so relaxed that I almost fell asleep.

You know, Kandie, I need to make sure the front is covered with oil too. You wouldnt want those nice tits sunburned, now would you? I turn over without any hesitation.

Bob rubbed my chest, rolling my nipples, making them harder and more erect than they already were. I wanted to reach over support groups for lesbians caress the growing bulge in his pants.

Taking Bobs hand in mine, I uttered--Love, youre not very relaxed, as I caressed the bulge in his pants.

Bob ass licking lesbians blushed, How do you expect me to relax when I am looking at such a sexy BBW?

Knowing we would ass licking lesbians undisturbed for awhile, as my hubby was resting on the porch, I agreed. Then, removing my shorts, I revealed no panties. I had decided to go commando.

Bob smiled, kissed me on the check and exclaimed, Oh fuck Kandie, youre so beautiful! I felt the electricity go from my check directly to my pussy, making it gush with fluid.

I was able to ask him, Dont you think youd be more comfortable without those confining shorts? Bob nodded and quickly removed all his clothing.

I could not keep my eyes off Bobs naked body, I was now past the point of no return. Bob took me into his arms and kissed me deep as his fingers caressed lesbian post thumbnail lesbian nipples. His soft lips replaced them as he sucked my alyssa milano lesbian scene biting each lightly.

Oh love, that feels good! My hand grabbed for his cock and started stroking it firmly.

Bob stopped my hand, Oh gently baby, you dont want me cumming too soon. He then laid me on my back, spreading my legs wide as he licked his lips, Its my turn now! I arched my back when his lips and tongue encircled my swelling clit. He lesbians free thumbnail only say, "OMG Baby, youre sopping wet.

I continued to moan with delight as Bobs tongue went deep inside me, tasting all the sweet nectar it could get. I started to shiver and he knew I would soon be cumming.

Bob kissed me deep, as our tongues intertwined. I broke our passionate kiss only to say, Baby I want to fuck you, now! He repliedI want to feel my hard cock deep within your pussy when you cum! "

Oh yes, fuck me baby! I pulled his throbbing cock toward my wanting pussy. "Fuck me!

He rubbed the head of his cock back and forth against my hard clit, feeling me quiver harder with every touch.

Oh baby, thats it...oh fuck baby I am going to cum!

As I spoke the words, he shoved his cock deep, all the way inside me with one smooth thrust. My pussy spasms hard as my juices lesbians sex pics OOOH yes! I thrust my hip hard to meet his.

Bob shemale chat sucked and bit my nipples hard, one then the other as he continued thrusting his cock hard into my pussy. street lesbian pussy started milking lesbian babes his cock, wanting to drain him of all his cum.

Oh this feels so damn good baby!

Fuck, I am cumming!!

His cum exploded with such force it was oozing down lesbian spanking ass fucking ass.

OOOOOH Yesssssssss! His cum exploded deep inside me as I pulled Bob close, kissing long and hard.

Kandie, I think we should get dressed now!

I winked at him, Yeah, before Wayne catches us and get jealous about missing out on the fun.

Bob winked at me and chuckled, looking over my shoulder.

The hair on the back of my neck bristled as I turned around. Wayne was standing there, naked, hard as a rock, cumming in his hand. He held him cum filled hand to my lips, This is for you baby! I eagerly lapped up every drop. I could not lesbian and gay bars into his eyes, thinking I was in trouble. Wayne grinned and pulled me close, That's the hottest thing Ive seen for a long time, baby!

Then they both let me in on their little surprise, they had spoken on the phone and planned this all along. Wayne had phoned Bob as soon as I left on my walk, setting the plan into action. A sexy rendezvous for my pleasure and delight. I can not tell you what happened next. As thats enough for another story.